November 8, 2016

Sealemon's October Doodle Challenge

As a person who don't have good drawing skill, I challenged myself to join Sealemon's October Doodle Challenge last month. I don't want to be a person who can't drawing forever.

Sealemon is a "stage name" of an American DIY youtuber, Jennifer Bates. She is very creative and has amazing drawing skill. You can check her creative channel here. Her pronunciation is very clear so don't worry if you are not an English native speaker.

Sealemon's October Doodle Challenge was very fun. Jennifer Bates created daily prompts for 31 days. The main theme of last October was autumn and everything spooky.

I tried as best as I could. Many of my doodles were inspired from google with some changes in order to avoid plagiarism. I still can't doodle without examples. Here is my doodle:

Pretty simple, right? it too colorful for autumn and spooky theme? Lol.

Some people all over the world joined as well (kindly check #sealemon on instagram). 

I think drawing is really improve my creativity and reduce my stress level. I was really happy during doing that daily doodle. I want to join again if Jennifer Bates makes another doodle challenge.

See you on my next post!


Endah April
Endah April

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  1. Gambarnya bagus, bisa dibilang talet juga nih. Kembangkan lagi bisa nih.

    1. hehehe makasih, iya nih masih harus belajar banyak tentang gambar menggambar :(


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