January 3, 2017

Sealemon's December Doodle Challenge

cr: sealemon

Last month I did again doodle challenge by Jennifer Bates (owner of @sealemon). Just like October Doodle Challenge, I drew 31 prompts. The theme of December Doodle Challenge was winter and holiday.

December was not a holiday month for us, Indonesians. December might be the busiest month of the year. Because of that, I had to struggle here and there during drawing process. But finally I completed the prompts.

In case you can't read the prompts in the photo, here I write them:
1. Lights
2. Snowflake
3. Quilt
4. Sprinkles
5. Bauble
6. Candy Cane
7. Pine Tree
8. Plaid
9. Gingerbread
10. Snow Globe
11. Gift Bow
12. Poinsettia
13. Eggnog
14. Favorite Holiday Movie
15. Holly
16. Ugly Sweater
17. Maple
18. Pine Cone
19. Snowman
20. Garland
21. Cocoa
22. Reindeer
23. Wreath
24. Candles
25. Gift
26. Log
27. Frost
28. Peppermint
29. Scarf
30. Dove
31. Confetti

This is mine:

Mag's drawing is still the best so far:

cr: mags.creates

My favorite is this one, drew by Bobby:

cr: bobbyd47

He is a father. It proofs that we are never too old for drawing and having fun with our hobby.



  1. Cakep banget hasilnya...ini semua hasil oretanmu mbak?

    1. makasih kak, hasil coretanku yang ketiga dari bawah hehe :p

  2. Awesome!

    I have no passion on drawing, but able to enjoy an art skill like painting, doodling etc.

    My passion is to dancing and singing.

    Siapa juga yang, nanya. hahaha...

    1. Good! Let's keep going on our hobbies :D I enjoy dancing too btw :p