August 18, 2016

Did You Date in Elementary School?


I dated in elementary school. I dated a senior, he asked me and I accepted him. I was in fourth year and he was in fifth year but he is two years older than me.

We communicated through letters because we were too shy to meet face to face lol (he was the worst, he avoided to meet me face to face but waited for me every morning in front of his class). A friend was being an owl for the two of us. She was my bf's classmate.

My elementary school bf was a mischievous but smart pupil. I think he was quite unique, a teacher's pet but naughty boy at the same time. We were the most popular couple at that time lmao. I remember when his friends got chocolates from their girlfriends (which is my friends), he was envy and asked me to give him chocolate too. And I was jealous af when a pretty girl (from other school) being a pemimpin upacara for PERSAMI (Perkemahan Sabtu Minggu) and my bf couldn't take his eyes off from her. XD

We broke up when he graduated so we only dated for two years. Honestly he was a very sweet bf until he found prettier girl wtf. I didn't know who he dated in middle school (although we were in the same middle school). We acted like we didn't know each other, but he talked a lot with my friends.

One sunny day we met again when we were in high school (this time, we were in different schools) and we talked to each other face to face. Our conversation went well. We were not shy anymore. :) you date in elementary school too? XD


  1. Emm... no... but i got many confessions from boys at that time and i rejected them all XD

  2. Halo salam kenal Endah!

    Sepertinya memang iya, namun waktu itu belum sadar kalau ada sebutannya 'dating' Oops~

    mampir ke blogku ya

    1. Hai Christina! makasih udah mampir dan kasih komen :D