April 25, 2016

10 Things that Make Me Happy

1. Traveling
I like to travel to new places. Even though all I do are only sightseeing. Being in a new place is very interesting. I will get new experience and new knowledge.

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2. Blogging
I can put all of my imagination and my "messy mind" through writing. But I'm too lazy to write on a book so I write on blog. When everything pop in my mind, I grab my phone, type that things and save them in draft. When it's appropriate to share to public, I post it.

3. Books
I really really like reading books. Reading is my hidden hobby because I couldn't do it frequently when I was in school due to money limit. On that time, I only borrowed books from my friends. I started to buy books when I get my current job. I like read comics, traveling books, fairy tales and motivating books.

source: crushable.com

But my parents don't like this hobby because they think that reading makes me far from social activities. Yeah I admit that I lack of social activities with my parents and my neighbors. Now I try to balance between my hobby and my social activities.

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4. Watching TV
Since I have notebook and know Korean things, I'm no longer a TV person. I spent my time watching Korean shows through my notebook. Recently, I get bored with Korean shows and have interest in watching 'D Academy' on Indosiar LOL. By watching the show, I can laugh a lot! Laugh a lot makes me feel sooo happy. I don't know since when I didn't laugh often. I need to laugh to get my happiness back. XD

source: giphy.com

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5. Tweeting
Although many friends leave Twitter and move to Path, I'm not affected. I still use Twitter to get news and share my thoughts. I enjoy Twitter because it's simple, easy and fast. Another my favorite social media is Instagram.

6. Taylor Swift's Songs
When I listened to Tay's song in 2011, which is 'Love Story', I fell in love with her. I continued to search all Tay's songs. Most of them are my favorite. Listening to Tay's songs is like reading her diary.

source: pandawhale.com

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7. Payday

8. Weekend

9. Drawing my eyebrows
YES! I didn't draw my eyebrows before because I had no interest in make-up. I have interest in make-up since my mother told me that I was kucel lmao. I know it's a little bit too late to start apply make-up but it's better late than never, right? Hahaha. For every day I only use moisturizer cream, loose powder, lipstick, eyeliner and eyebrows pencil. Drawing eyebrows is my favorite part. Day by day I learn to draw eyebrows neatly and beautifully (from my point of view).

source: cosmopolitan.co.uk

Although my eyebrows is not as perfect as Neng Raisa's, I love it. I love my perfect imperfection. #kepedeantingkatdewa

10. Chocolate
I'm a fan of chocolate. Chocolate can delay my hunger for a while when I can't find food that I really wanted.

(inspired by this video)

What's your 10-things-that-make-you-happy? Write it! It's fun!

See you on my next post!

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